Baby Girl Headbands

Our Small Dainty Boutique Baby Headbands and Dainty Sized Hair Bows are about 3 inches across and are great for newborns, infants, toddlers, and big girls.  This size is perfect for those who want a fabulous boutique hair bow in a smaller size.  

Most bows are shown modeled on headbands but are available on a clip as well.
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Is your baby girl’s birthday fast approaching? Or maybe you are thinking of how to impress your beautiful little girl this Christmas so that she can stand out and look amazing. The beautiful dress and lovely shoes you bought her aren’t complete without her hair looking awesome. Therefore, to compliment a gorgeous look, you need to update yourself with the latest trend in headband designs and styles for your baby girl. The fashion industry is advancing as the world changes drastically in all sectors. There are new trends that have arisen in the headband market. Some of which include handmade bows and vintage headbands. These come in amazing colors and designs to suit different occasions. Another type of headbands that look amazing is the bunny ear. They are designed like a rabbit’s ear and look beautiful on your infant or girls of up to ten years of age. Headbands with flowers such as roses have been on the market for quite some time now. However, if you wish to go for a unique look, you can choose those that have a golden or silver crown on the flower. These make your beautiful girl look and feel like a princess and stand out among her mates. Kids love butterflies and like playing with them. Another popular trend with baby headbands is the butterfly headbands. These come in different colors and shapes resembling some of the prettiest butterflies. Many other styles are available in the market such as the coral, striped and, shabby and frilly headbands. Your choice will be influenced by your desires and how you wish your baby girl to look. The good thing about all these headbands is that they can be worn with any hairstyle you choose for you little girl from braids to the lovely ponytails. More so, they don’t leave marks on your baby’s forehead since they are made of good material and the elastic band is also fantastic. We hope you will find these tips helpful as you plan to shop for your next headband for your little girl. Be sure to choose one that will turn heads every time your little princess passes by whether in church, the park or at the festivals.